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CreamByte’s work in business automation has helped bring companies into the new era of digital optimization.

Business process automation will lower operation costs by eliminating redundancies, time consuming repetitive tasks and human errors. All these factors contribute to bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your business. With these processes digitized, employee productivity and customer satisfaction will flourish. Your employees, now freed from repetitive work and able to easily access information, can focus their efforts on better serving your customers and increasing your bottom-line.

CreamByte has worked with companies of all sizes. They are experienced in developing solutions to meet your unique digital transformation needs. By streamlining your company workflow processes, your business will be capable of scaling up to support continued growth.

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CreamByte specializes in automation solutions for labor intensive industries in sectors like food and marketing. With their expertise, you can trust that they will transform your complex business workflows into streamlined digital counterparts. Complexity, however, is not required. CreamByte is happy to take on small-scale projects for companies that only need to automate a few tasks.

Business processes that once required a high manual labor allocation can now be executed and managed by software. CreamByte will work with you to fully understand your specific needs and then to develop the custom software that uniquely meets these demands. No longer will you be forced to choose a standardized product that includes features irrelevant to your business. CreamByte specializes in customizing, not generalizing.

The food industry is replete with opportunities for automation. Data collection systems can be utilized to trace raw materials and inventory through supply and delivery chains, allowing you to easily comply with regulations and pinpoint inefficiencies. Automation systems and machines can increase and standardize quality control processes, instantly adjust scale for market volatility and increase workplace safety.

In the marketing industry, many business tasks can be automated to substantially decrease work time and to reach a wider audience. This includes streamlining email and social media marketing campaigns, tracking and analyzing online behaviors and using this data for user experience personalization and so on. Digital processes can manage all these tasks better and on a larger scale than humans.

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Should you need massed prepress services, then we’re the ones who can do the job. No job is too big for us to handle. We’ve handled hundreds in a day before, with a 99.9% approval rate, so not only can we handle the big jobs, but we also know what we are doing. We always strive to satisfy our clients.



Our Quality Content Assurance software application guides fulfillment workers to but the correct items into a box. Not only does QCA guide workers packaging the right products, but it informs them on the complicated details and different versions of orders these boxes or bags may contain. QCA is an important necessity that benefits any company that package something, because it drives attention to every single stage of the process of packaging an order. QCA works as guidance for …


Imagine that every day, your business receives multiple purchase requests for hundreds, or even thousands, of different items. Most of your clients send their orders via email. Some clients paste their purchase requests into the email body; others include them as an attachment. When a series of purchase requests generates data that is too high-volume or complex for your team to process manually, the resulting errors and delays in fulfillment can cause customers to suffer. Over time, poor order …



ShelfBoost is an application set to help companies/businesses with their marketing management by consistently staying in tuned with changes, issues and even guiding workers in where they should place marketing signs. SFB will assure the user of the application where and what needs an upgrade or fixing. SFB will be set up to have all the data of the companies that use it, for example it will have all the information of a corporation’s various stores around the state. Information will …


All over the world, government agencies, universities, nonprofits, and businesses use the Debian operating system (OS) to manage files and run applications. Debian is enterprise-grade free software that is expertly maintained. It supports programs that are familiar to many users, including web browsers, editing software, and desktop publishing suites, plus a wide range of specialty programs, tools, and utilities …



Automation transformation! WorkFlux can automate anything, our team specializes in programming and developing software. Automation can take care of mundane tasks so workers can focus on more important objectives well not having to worry about human errors and enhancing production at the same time. We can help individuals, small businesses or up to big corporations with software …


ProxySeek (PXS) provides users with selective access to curated services when they engage with a connected host application. This modular Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) add-on for iOS and Android apps makes networked, cross-platform file transfers efficient and secure. 

PXS allows mobile users to privately share access passes, messages, links, coupons, and more when they are in close proximity to each …

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CreamByte’s founder, Leopold, grew up abroad Europe. As a computer fanatic and digital nomad, Leopold combined his knowledge and experience to bring together a multinational team of programmers to start CreamByte. In his young years, Leopold taught himself computer science. 

At this time in the early 80’s, it was nearly impossible to find a practical education in computers and programming. Classes required expensive resources, travel time and were replete with incompetence. Learning curriculums lacked applicability and usefulness. RTFM was his only option.

Multinational by Nature

With this self-acquired knowledge, Leopold began programming applications for industries like manufacturing, marketing and finance. Traveling around the world, he became close friends with many like-minded programmers. In 1995, Leopold got together with his childhood friend Andrei to create CreamByte. They hired programmers from Europe, America and Asia. As CreamByte has grown, it has earned a reputation for solving problems innovatively and getting things done fast and efficiently. CreamByte now specializes in workflow management, automation and consultant work.

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Every company comes across projects that they cannot handle in their own traditional corporate way. These special projects are critical to company success yet require resources beyond what in-house departments can allocate in order to meet deadlines and maintain concept integrity. When it comes to these special projects, CreamByte is the best option. In addition to helping businesses optimize their processes, CreamByte works in the consulting sector where they oversee facility relocations with zero down time, improve cross-border asset management and strategize business growth. When large international manufacturers need to pinpoint their marketing efforts in other countries, they trust CreamByte to do the job.

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A track record counts. CreamByte started during the early ages of digital technology application in the manufacturing sector. This has made them experts in all advancements up to date enabling them to develop projects from scratch without relying on third parties. Anyone can learn, but to turn knowledge into a useful account with exceptional results requires experience.

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Get in touch with us for support or more information about any of CreamByte’s services. 

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