ShelfBoost (SFB)

What is ShelfBoost?

ShelfBoost is an application set to help companies/businesses with their marketing management by consistently staying in tuned with changes, issues and even guiding workers in where they should place marketing signs. SFB will assure the user of the application where and what needs an upgrade or fixing. SFB will be set up to have all the data of the companies that use it, for example it will have all the information of a corporation’s various stores around the state. Information will include their location, phone numbers, the name of the management, in those stores and data of each section that needs attendance in that store (deli, produce, entrance etc.). There will be options to select these particular areas from a specific store that will show their current status, weather it’s complete or needs an upgrade/fix. ShelfBoost can work as guidance to properly revamp stores and companies marketing set up to their companies agenda.

Why is it necessary?

ShelfBoost is not only time saving but an extremely helpful tool most companies don’t even know they need, specially advertisement or printing companies because they specialize in providing products of promotion or necessary signs that all businesses may need. Instead of only making these products, delivering them and leaving it to the hands of store managers, these printing companies can now take hold of dealing with what, where and how the products that they provide should be placed. If a company takes it into their own hands it will still be made easier to manage marketing because of how this system is built, easy enough for a simple store manger to understand. SFB is formatted to stay notified about a businesses condition besides where labels and signs should be placed. Ultimately this system is set up to guide on how a store/business should set up their marketing signs that follow their companies agenda, including follow up with upgrades and renovations. ShelfBoost is all about being 3 steps ahead in keeping a business professionally up to date in great quality marketing management.

What we need:

We need small and long paragraphs of what ShelfBoost is and it’s benefits as well as bullet points of the pros of having SFB. This will target all types of businesses but fits best with marketing/advertisement and printing companies that provide marketing products for other big clients, or big corporations with various stores around the country.


  • Assist workers/ companies with marketing management
  • Consistent data of business’s current status
  • Guides marketing product placement
  • Speeds the correction process of a companies upgrades and issues 
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Company culture improves.
  • Simpler and better engagement with marketing
  • Time saving through clear understanding