Proxyseek (PXS)

What Is ProxySeek?

ProxySeek (PXS) provides users with selective access to curated services when they engage with a connected host application. This modular Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) add-on for iOS and Android apps makes networked, cross-platform file transfers efficient and secure.

PXS allows mobile users to privately share access passes, messages, links, coupons, and more when they are in close proximity to each other. Users can create personal profiles and use the integrated messenger to share feelings, photos, or music. Businesses, clubs, schools, and nonprofits can build custom, PSX-enabled platforms to enhance communication and reduce friction during transactions. ProxySeek can help app users check in early to a gallery exhibit, meet their trainer at the gym, or pick up their kids from school. Users can locate friends, colleagues, customers, and personnel as soon as they come into range. Network members can also opt to remain anonymous so that they can discreetly request and receive services and information. ProxySeek can send social media messages and broadcast targeted marketing without compromising the privacy of individual users. It improves life by putting the information and services users need at their fingertips while shutting out the noise of the world.

How ProxySeek Works


ProxySeek utilizes proxy-based peer-to-peer (P2P) networking to facilitate secure, hyperlocal, cross-platform file transfers within a microgeographic area. Users who install the same PSX-enabled app can access and share resources over a secure connection when they are within range of the network.

Why Is PXS Beneficial?


Members of app-based P2P networks can enjoy sharing photos, messages, jokes, memes, links, sensitive information, or important documents with each other over a private communication channel. Distributed resource allocation makes file sharing quick, easy, and convenient. As users join the network, they contribute resources that can increase the system’s overall performance. Although operations are decentralized, the network can be customized to direct the flow of information. Its architecture is flexible, scalable, extendible, and robust, so individuals can enjoy consistent performance even when other members join or leave the network.

Benefits to Individuals

Individuals who use ProxySeek can access curated resources quickly at low to no cost. They are shielded from irrelevant and unwanted communication, while maintaining their own privacy and anonymity.

Benefits to the Membership

ProxySeek empowers like-minded individuals to share information and resources that benefit the whole group, giving each member an opportunity to receive services without burdening the system.

Benefits to Customers

Customers can receive the information they want quickly, easily, and on demand. On-site benefits might include personalized rewards or the ability to communicate directly with a host, an organizer, a VIP, or other members in real time.

Benefits to Organizers

Organizers can provide focused energy, resources, and messaging to a receptive audience and reduce the opportunity for unwanted interactions.

How Do PXS Proxies Benefit Users?

Proxies are authorized intermediaries that protect the identity of the network and each of its peers while making communication safe and efficient. They can intercept traffic, filter out unwanted information, pass along requested content from a trusted source, and hide the location of the network or its users.

Proxies Provide Anonymity

Suppose a surprise guest, VIP, or a user who is short on time needs to pick up a special package without attracting unwanted attention. A proxy can verify a provider and recipient’s respective identities while hiding them from each other, even as the transaction takes place in the open.

Proxies Provide Privacy

Some users have no interest in sharing their location with other apps, web browsers, or online services. Proxies can provide privacy by hiding the network’s geographic location. They also keep the communication channel secure so that actions within the network are only visible to members.

Proxies Provide Access

An administrator can configure PXS to provide and control access to particular data streams. Using a proxy enables members to access information within the network. In some cases, PXS may allow apps or administrators to extract user data without compromising their privacy. The app can be programmed to deliver marketing, messages, announcements, and other offerings to specific members.

Proxies Provide Security

Proxy firewalls can prevent direct communication with other systems. Encrypted transmissions may be able to enhance security within the network.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a communication protocol that can be used to send and receive messages. BLE optimizes power consumption by transmitting short, infrequent, low-data bursts of information, then reverting to an idle state. This allows users to bypass Wi-Fi while conserving battery power. Its short-range, 25 to 100-foot transmission radius provides added security by physically limiting access to the network. BLE is more precise and effective than GPS for locating enabled devices indoors. Its sensors rely on signal strength (RSSI) to estimate and provide location data within 16 feet, and they can be used to find users in nearby rooms. Today, all mobile devices are BLE-equipped. While PXS-equipped apps are meant to facilitate private peer-to-peer BLE networking, most can be configured to send and receive data to and from the Wi-Fi-connected Internet.

What Can ProxySeek Do for Your Organization?

There are many ways to use ProxySeek. Consider the possibilities listed below:

Dining/Restaurant Service/Concierge


When a guest arrives, the attendant receives notification, checks them off the reservation list, greets them as they approach, and takes them to their table. PXS can make it easier to account for members of a large party who arrive within a short period of time.

Party Arrival and Confirmation

Guests can coordinate their arrival with the rest of the group and receive notifications as each member arrives.

Daily Specials

Guests can receive push notifications about daily specials when they enter the restaurant.

Surprise Reward Token

Restaurants can surprise valued patrons with a free beverage or dessert when they enter the premises.

Checks and Receipts

An attendant can send the check and receipt to one or more parties and provide access to payment processing.

Meal Pickup

Attendants can receive confirmation of a user’s payment and arrival, locate their order quickly, and hand it to them without delay.

Order Management

If a regular customer pre-orders a meal, the restaurant can calibrate the preparation time so that the food will be fresh when the customer arrives.

Site-Specific Employee Access

A business can provide fast, secure building access to employees the moment they arrive at the door.

Dating App

A dating app notifies users when they are in close proximity to their respective dates. The users can communicate through the app’s text messaging utility before meeting in person.

Security Team Coordination

A team of agents can maintain awareness of each member’s respective locations without revealing this information to anyone outside the group. ProxySeek can act as a backup or eliminate the need for verbal check-ins.

Targeted Ads

PXS can deliver coupons to users as they are shopping in grocery stores, department stores, sporting goods stores, and other retail outlets.

Inventory Management

Warehouse managers can track workers as they move assets from one location to another.

Event Access and Management

Priority Access

Organizers can configure an app to provide priority access to staff members or attendees who hold special access passes.

VIP Access

VIPs can receive expedited access to exclusive areas, perks, and chat rooms.

Coat Check Services

Attendees who approach the coat check can receive their ticket as a link, image file, or QR code on their phone.

Time-Sensitive Access

PXS can notify organizers and security personnel if an attendee or employee remains on premises outside of the permitted time.

Access to Restricted Areas

Proxyseek can notify organizers and security personnel if an attendee enters a restricted area.

Contact Tracing

Event organizers can use PXS to anonymously track devices.

Airport Lounge Access

Members can use a designated app to enter an airport lounge and receive associated perks.

Gaming Tokens

Visitors of a casino, race track, stadium, arcade, or other recreational venue can receive promotions and tokens when they arrive that are restricted to same-day, onsite use.

Specialized Social Media Apps

An organization can create a proprietary social messaging app that can only be used onsite. Users can send photos, messages, links, and tokens to other members and interact with media exclusively available on the private channel.

School Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Teachers and school personnel can be notified when a parent or designated guardian arrives at the designated area to drop off or pick up their child.

ProxySeek Provides Private, Versatile Peer-to-Peer Services to Everyone

ProxySeek unites people through their common interests and enhances real life with private digital communication. It gives brands, businesses, and organizations of all kinds the opportunity to promote their services while giving users the option to remain anonymous. ProxySeek’s flexible architecture provides unlimited customization to organizations of all sizes and types. Your users will love the benefits that ProxySeek brings to everyday life.