Quality Content Assurance (QCA)

Our Quality Content Assurance software application guides fulfillment workers to but the correct items into a box. Not only does QCA guide workers packaging the right products, but it informs them on the complicated details and different versions of orders these boxes or bags may contain. QCA is an important necessity that benefits any company that package something, because it drives attention to every single stage of the process of packaging an order. QCA works as guidance for workers packaging orders because it carries all necessary data and instructions to be processed correctly. QCA will substitute printed papers of the orders which are time consuming to manage and organize. Preparing orders for delivery will be made easier to understand and process at a much efficiently faster rate. This system will be managed through touch screen where workers can quickly browse for necessary order information. QCA will contain all information, so here’s a list of the data that can be presented in the QCA system screen: 

• packaging list (order items) and its details
• job title, job description, deadline
• quantity and item versions – boxes can contain same items with slide differences
• images of each product
• inventory data (what is in storage and what is missing)
• job history (data on completed and delivered orders)

I will do more explaining so you have a better idea of how this system will look and be placed on screen.  As mentioned, this system will be handled through touch screen which will carry the data of orders requested to be packaged and delivered. On the far top left of the screen will be the VERSION SELECTOR that will provide the different versions of the order which may carry different products but will be going to the same customer. Right next to version selector will be the JOB TITLE and DEADLINE of the order that is being processed. Under version selector will be the PACKAGING LIST which will contain all the products listed for that specific order and if it’s inhouse item, hardware item or outside item. The rest of the screen will take most of the middle right and will have more information on the order and the product that is selected, as well as images of the product. Finally, there will be a selection to view the job history that has been completed and delivered throughout the past.

What we need:

This  should not be about the general understanding of QA as it is some known processes. We are using this term specifically to guarantee the outcome of controlling the process of packaging. The software is supposed to guarantee visually the content of orders and will be done through touch screen.

In addition, bullet points of benefits and what QCA can offer.
· packaging job is easier to understand
· less errors through visualization
· faster process through quick swipe browse
· less management through fewer people
· self-adjustment of inventory
· no print outs needed, everything shown on touch screen
· list of job history
· visual image of products
· working with confusing versions of (almost) the same made easier