Social Media and Viral Marketing Services


More than half of the world is online. 75% of Internet users use social media. These customers and leads are the most important part of the buying cycle, and we make sure your brand, business or company stands out.


The social media services CreamByte provides:



Social Media Branding

Utilizing social media is not enough – you also have to be widely recognized across platforms simply using one logo. We will work with you to design a social media look that is true to your voice and streamlines your social presence. From logo design to copywriting your biography specifically for certain sites, we’ve got you covered. You need to appear like the authority in your industry that you are and we have years of experience crafting stories, content and badges that will catapult you to the top of your field.



We’ll work with you to ensure the integrity of your brand, compliance with different social platforms and mediums, and best practices for future development and communication are integrated in your implementation strategy. Your name is not enough – you have to know which platforms will return your time and money invested at a rate satisfactory to you over time. We’ll implement all of your social assets and make sure you are differentiating yourself from the competition. We will identify the social networks where you should be participating and where people are, or should be, talking about you.



Software Recommendations

There are thousands of SEO and social scheduling tools. Finding tools that help you increase social media traffic, track performance, opportunities, schedule posts and manage your team can be daunting, but we’ll help you fine tune your decisions and implement the best choice for your budget, resources and needs.


Scheduling and Marketing

Every platform be it Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Github, SoundCloud, Behance or CafeMom has a personality every brand must adjust to. The streams of quick-hitting and info savvy thought bubbles on Twitter will not be equally appealing to your Facebook audience. We’ll work with you (or without you) to craft posts and images which will increase engagement and reach across your social presence.


We’re here to collaborate with you on any creative assets you may need to run a contest, to write captivating content, and to capture your most valued people – customers.