Package Design


Package DesignThe basic principles of package design are very simple – you’re designing to catch the eye of the recipient and stand out from the clutter of our every day mailbox. The objective is to not only sell the product inside, but sell your brand as a whole.
The fact that a package is created to hold a product is really a secondary goal from the designer’s perspective. Many designers approach packaging as their own way of expressing minimalist, yet impactful creativity – the box is your canvas, if you will.
Package DesignA prime example of further branding your company is the prime execution of Apple products and their packaging. Apple’s beautifully simple and clean white boxes with nothing but a photo of the product inside as it will look when you open the package. And although they have completely honed marketing from all standpoints, they made sure their packaging spoke to their brand values as well.
What package design truly entails is an understanding of how to translate the value of what’s inside to the buyer or recipient. Logos and typefaces don’t sell product – but once you’ve got a superior strategy and mailing list of satisfactory leads, package design should be on the list of creative marketing asset priorities.