software-01Software development is the process of defining software methods, functions, objects, and the overall structure and interaction of code so that the resulting functionality will satisfy user and client requirements.
It usually problem solving and planning a software solution. This includes both low-level component and algorithm design and high-level, architecture design.
software-02An agent creates a specification of a software artifact, intended to accomplish goals, using a set of components and objectives leading to a successful result. Software design may refer to either “all the activities involved in conceptualizing, framing, implementing, commissioning, and ultimately modifying complex systems” or “the activity following requirements specification and before programming, as in the stylized software engineering process.”
software-03Creative skill, past experience, a sense of what makes “good” software, and an overall commitment to quality are critical success factors for a competent design. The design model is the equivalent of an architect’s plans for a house. It begins by representing the totality of the thing to be built (e.g., a three-dimensional rendering of the house) and slowly refines the thing to provide guidance for constructing each detail (e.g., the plumbing layout).
software-04There are many different ways of designing software and all involve coming up with an initial design and refining it as necessary. Different developers prefer different amounts of design up front or during implementation phase. Generally, the overall design should be well thought out and reviewed before coding starts.
software-05Software development should include a description of the overall architecture such as the hardware, databases, and third party frameworks your software will use or interact with. This is the big picture of what is running where and how all the parts will interact. Think of this as the map telling you how your software will talk to different regions of the world. Just like cultural differences, each artifact functions uniquely from the rest, so it’s important they all treat each other with respect and open communication.
The benefits of software design and development are endless. Owning a proprietary solution to your software or in-house needs is an essential way to separate yourself from others utilizing third-party resources. It is becoming more and more popular to design, develop and implement a unique that addresses and solves problems to make processes and communication much more efficient.