Sound Production


Recording & Mastering Services


sound-01Our passion at CreamByte is creating your ideal digital world. As media distribution and content creation are happening at a pace more rapid than ever we recognize the importance of a perfectly executed presence whether you are a business, brand, individual, or group of people who have come together to achieve a common purpose or goal.


CreamByte’s music services include the capture (recording), mixing and mastering, pre and post production, distribution and original composition of:

  • Voiceovers (VOs)
  • Albums, both EP (short, one to six tracks) and LP
  • Cinematic sounds and original thematic works
  • Instrumentals for a variety of genres such as hip hop, electronic dance music, jazz, and folk acoustic

sound-02Music is essential to constructing a larger than life experience for your audience.
We understand the challenge marketing and advertising professionals face when sourcing the right sound to tug on the heart strings and minds of your viewers, and as passionate musicians ourselves we also comprehend the importance of developing a compelling and evolutional “artist brand”.
Paired with our graphic design and photography services, CreamByte has a history of delivering a full suite of resources for musicians, aspiring cinematographers, accomplished filmmakers, and innovative brand managers to allow listeners and your audience to become fully immersed in your digital and real world.