photography-01Photography is the “method of recording permanent images by the action of light projected by a lens in a camera onto a film or other light-sensitive material.”
Starting in the 19th century, Nicéphore Niepce and Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre both spearheaded discoveries that led to the invention of the first commercially successful process, the daguerreotype, in 1837.
photography-02Photography has gone through several technological advancements, which have allowed the art and expertise of utilizing images to tell a story to evolve with market demands, client needs, and consumer relations. This is one of the foremost necessities of marketing and advertising agencies as well as small, medium and large business owners.
Since the innovation of digital photography, the art and science of producing and manipulating digital photographs, photography is produced in several ways with varying levels of expertise. You can take photos directly with a digital camera, capture a frame from a moving motion picture or video, or you can scan older photographs and convert them into an easy to edit digital format.
photography-03Once a photograph is in digital format, there are a multitude of special and visual effects a photographer or image editor can utilize to enhance the image with software. These tools allow photographs to become reliable storytellers for a brand, business, company or person. Whereas photos were once just still images, they are now works of art that can constantly be manipulated to whatever a client or customer’s preference is.
Along with your brand identity, photography is the biggest reflection of your brand. Humans are visual by nature. Make people remember your brand through the use of high quality photography in all aspects of from website to social media and print marketing materials. Photography for marketing and networking is an absolute must have in today’s business economy.