Industrial Design: Product Creation


industrial-02The concept and practice of industrial design is deep and requires years of perfecting skills in several areas in order to achieve a standard of development and implementation excellence expected from you. CreamByte has mastered the art of understanding that meeting actual needs are a very important component to a product’s success. Through research, understanding what overall feeling you want to capture and deliver to your customer, we learn the the brand vision of our clients and deliver a compelling and effective user experience.
industrial-01Our industrial designers hail from many backgrounds such as architectural planning, graphic design, ergonomics and environmental studies. Our designers complete early concepts and collaborate with test subjects on development and testing to assure quality is exceptional – or, at minimum, accomplishing the primary goal.
Our industrial design services include 2D concept drawings, 3D renderings, proof of concept models, labeling, packaging, rapid prototyping, UX creation to deliver to usability goals and outcomes, and product road mapping.