Computer Repair: PC & Mac


Virus Removal

Keeping your system safe and secure is a priority for every owner of a personal computer. If you noticed that your computer is slowing down recently, it could be a sign that it has been affected by malware, spyware, bugs, or a virus. Prevent any of the malicious attacks that could compromise your identity or the longevity of your expensive equipment. We can assist in speeding up your operating system, protecting your personal files and data, and providing peace of mind overall.


Computer Crash Recovery

If your computer isn’t booting up, starting, or you’re stuck on one screen, our crash recovery solution is the one for you. Restore and resolve any paralyzing issues your computer may be experiencing with an OS restoration. We work with you to understand and diagnose what the root of the issue could be, and we’ll troubleshoot with you. We also offer system cloning if this solution is applicable.


Data Recovery

At CreamByte we offer affordable data recovery services to small businesses and computer users from home that may have lost important files. Never assume your files are lost – let us locate the files for you! As soon as you contact us for your data recovery make sure to disconnect the hard drive as soon as possible to prevent further damage.


OS Restoration

Re-install the operating system or restore your computer to the “out-of-the-box condition” in order to optimize performance. This kind of repair means we will back all of your personal data, music, pictures, documents, program settings, favorites and bookmarks before we proceed with factory OS restoration. After our OS restoration service is complete, your computer will not contain unnecessary advertising or trial software that is distracting and slows everything down. We will consult with you about your preferences and options regarding security software, and following a restore, your computer will operate at its maximum computing speed.


Laptop Repair

CreamByte offers a wide range of laptop repair and upgrades. Some of the services we provide for laptop repair are LCD screen replacement, motherboard or logic board repair or replacement, and keyboard repair or replacement. Spilled liquids, cracked screens, dropped laptops, and even broken DC jacks get in the way of your productivity – we’re here to fix that! We provide all kind of repairs for PC or MAC laptops. Data recovery also available.


Computer Upgrade

CreamByte offers our customers a Custom Built Computer Service to meet all of your technical needs and wants. If you need a top speed computer for gaming, a multiprocessor server, or a powerful computing system, we will gladly help you. We can help you find and install the right hardware for your existing computer. We upgrade or replace hardware that may be faulty and relieve you of the noisy and slow computer issues you’ve been having. Instead of getting a new computer, let’s see if we can give the one you have a new life!


Computer Security

Keep your system clean and protected from potential threats downloaded onto your computer from the Internet. We offer great solutions to help keep your computer systems safe and up to date. Secure your computer system from vulnerabilities and any unwanted threats. Update your system and secure your computer from malicious software, trojan horses, hackers, malware infections, and prevent data loss with CreamByte’s security solutions.

CreamByte is a leader in cost-efficient and expert computer repair, revolutionizing the way in which businesses and home computer users keep their systems up and running! Give us a call today to schedule the service you need quickly and easily, at any time.

CreamByte is located in Boston, MA, and will come to your home or small business to solve your computer issues. Because we come to you, there’s no longer a need to pack up your computer and ship it to the nearest dealer for repairs. Our primary goal is to help you. Whether you want to improve your computer’s performance, upgrade the components, install a network, or just learn how to use your PC, our geeks can help!



For house calls and business visits:
$50 Trip Charge / Service Fee
$100/h Service time charge
$150 Minimum charge per trip